Cable dispenser Cable Caddy Twin

  • Cable dispenser Cable Caddy Twin
    • Cable dispenser Cable Caddy Twin
    • Cable dispenser Cable Caddy Twin
    • Cable dispenser Cable Caddy Twin
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    • Two-piece, flexible cable dispenser simplifies unspooling of cords and wire on cable spools - the product is produced in Germany
    • Equipped with a screw-on ramp for an easy and back-gentle positioning of the spool on the cable dispenser
    • The cable dispenser comes with a metal rod with a length of 900 mm and diameter of 12 mm for stabilizing during unspooling
    • Thanks to the two-piece construction the product can be used for spools of different widths, the twin-set can be used for spools with a maximum weight of 300 kg
    • Size: Total length (ramp included) approximately 550 mm; Width for each entity: 148 mm; heigth: 84 mm


Our Cable Caddy Twin is the perfect solution for workshops, construction sites and companies in which you have to unroll cable spools in different widths regularly. Thanks to its two-piece construction you will profit from maximum flexibility compared to one-piece cable dispensers.


As comparable one-piece models the Cable Caddy Twin supports you in making unspooling of cords and wire easier and quicker. Cable tangels are avoided and therefore the related work time to release those.


We produce the Cable Caddy in Germany due to high quality standards and added functional features:


  • A screw-on ramp helps you with positioning the cable spools on top of the cable dispenser.
  • Metal rods stabilize the Cable Caddy during unspooling.
  • The plastic pulleys that are attached on the side prevent the cable spools from sliding on top of the Cable Caddy.
  • Rubber pads on the bottom of the product garant a stable hold during unspooling.
  • The powder-coated side parts are very durable - the bearer drum is galvanized.

We deliver the Cable Caddy Twin fully construcded and ready to use.




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